Learn More About Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery – Lap Band Surgery, Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Do you want to know more about gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery or gastric sleeve surgery? Is one of these options your key to achieving significant weight loss? Our support team can help you investigate weight loss surgery options with no obligation.

Carlsbad, NM residents interested in learning about whether or not they are good candidates for one of the surgical options provided at Memorial Weight Loss Center are invited to contact us or attend one of our free no-obligation weight loss surgery seminars.

About Dr. Felts and the Memorial Weight Loss Center Team

Dr. FeltsA board-certified surgeon specializing in general, bariatric, and gastroesophageal surgeries; Dr. Felts and his team are here to make it easy for people to explore surgical options for weight loss. By talking to us, you can learn more about the costs for each of our weight loss surgery procedures, and the pros and potential drawbacks to one option versus another. We will also educate you about the actual procedure as well as recovery from the surgery.

In addition to weight loss surgery, we have a team that provides nutritional and other counseling services that help our patients maximize their chances of success in achieving and sustaining a healthier lifestyle after surgery. We work with patients closely, especially in the first year after their surgery, to help ensure maximum success and optimal results.

Carlsbad, NM Weight Loss Surgery Consultations

There are several ways to find out if any of the above options might be the right choice for you to achieve significant weight loss quickly. The first step is to register for our free online weight loss seminar or in-person seminar. Here you will learn all about our weight loss program and meet Dr. Felts and listen to him explain about all of the procedures performed. Once you complete the online seminar, it is easy to get started with our program should you choose to. We will meet with you in person in our Carlsbad office. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 575-449-3554 to find out more.

Our website also has some great information for Carlsbad residents, including before and after photos and videos, testimonials, and frequently asked questions and answers that can help you determine whether or not you might want to explore weight loss surgery to help you achieve your goals. Dr. Felts and his team hope to have an opportunity to meet you and help you throughout each step of a successful weight loss journey.

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