Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery helps to induce weight loss by reducing food intake in a simple procedure in which the surgeon will remove approximately 75% of the patient’s stomach, resulting in a new tube or “sleeve” like stomach shape that in turn holds less food. In addition, the removal of this portion of the stomach reduces the body‘s level of ghrelin, a hormone commonly referred to as the hunger hormone. As a result, patients’ appetites are substantially suppressed and reduced. Originally used for patients with extremely high BMI that were deemed ineligible for alternative forms of bariatric surgery, laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is now a viable option for lower BMI patients as a restrictive weight loss alternative to gastric bypass and gastric banding procedures.


With laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery there is no foreign implantation into the body, as with the adjustable gastric band, and no complex intestinal change or rearrangement, as with gastric bypass.

The results of laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery are rapid and effective, with statistics reporting that the weight loss associated with the procedure ranges up to 60% of the patient’s excess weight.

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