The decision to undergo weight loss surgery requires a lot of thought and personal commitment to a lifestyle change. Once that decision has been made, there‘s also the matter of choosing your surgeon. The time you spend researching the right surgeon is worth the investment, as you need to choose the practice and program that is best for you.

  • You should feel comfortable with your surgeon and practice, so be sure to attend a seminar or visit the practice and see if you feel comfortable with the staff. These seminars are very informative and can offer great insight into a practice. Memorial Weight Loss Center offers monthly in-person seminars in addition to our online seminar.
  • You will want to make sure your surgeon has had plenty of success and experience in the procedure that you‘re considering. Studies have shown that surgeries performed by an experienced surgeon, on average, result in far fewer complications. Dr. Felts has performed thousands of successful weight loss surgeries.
  • Realizing that bariatric surgery is not only a surgical procedure, but an ongoing lifestyle change, you should evaluate the practice‘s aftercare program. Regular support groups, a responsive office staff and prompt follow-up are keys to your success. Memorial Weight Loss Center will soon offer a monthly support group which you will be welcome to visit before you make your decision. The entire staff is supportive and compassionate and available to you before, during and all along your weight loss journey. Adjacent to our practice is Memorial Wellness Center, where we provide nutritional and behavioral health counseling on your weight loss journey, as well as overall evaluation and management of health and wellness.
  • It is a good idea to choose a surgeon who is located nearby. Follow-up after bariatric surgery is more intense than many other surgical procedures and you‘ll benefit from easy access to your surgeon and support team.
  • Recommendations are important. Try to speak to former patients and ask them about their experience.

The goal of choosing your surgeon is to find the best team for YOU. To do so, you should take time to do thorough research and put faith in your decision and the practice you ultimately choose. Dr. Felts and your team at Memorial Weight Loss Center are committed to the success of each and every patient.

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